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5 Ways to Sell Your Car Quickly

Certain events in life, both good and bad, can create a situation where you need to sell your existing vehicle quickly. Selling a vehicle under normal circumstances can be a challenging process and the requirement to do so in a rush can make it even more difficult. When time is of the essence, it’s only natural that you’d look for a solution that’s both convenient and can get you the most for your car. Our team at the Germain Buying Center wants to help you with this dilemma. We’ve assembled this helpful guide which explains the pros and cons of several methods for selling your car quickly. Let’s take a closer look.

Selling to the Germain Buying Center

Best Option - Sell It to the Germain Buying Center

If you’re looking for a way to sell your car that’s simple, secure, and will get you top dollar — look no further than the Germain Buying Center. Our process is designed to save you time while getting you the most for your current vehicle. We use the latest pricing tools and industry data to pay you more than you’ll get at other dealers or by selling it privately. Instead of dealing with pushy salespeople or risking your safety by dealing with strangers — visit us at the Germain Buying Center today for the most competitive offer for your vehicle.

Germain Buying Center

Sell It Privately to a Friend or Family Member

Know a friend or family member that’s in need of transportation? This is a great option to consider if you’re looking to sell your vehicle quickly. You’re able to help out someone you’re close to while getting rid of your old vehicle at the same time. While you’re not able to get top dollar by choosing this method, at least you’ll get peace of mind from knowing you’ve extended a helping hand to someone in need.

Sell It Privately at a Steep Discount

This method presents several unique challenges. First of all, you’re very unlikely to sell it in a shorter amount of time than you would by visiting the Germain Buying Center. You’ll have to spend precious time advertising it, listing it yourself, dealing with phone calls and messages from potential buyers, meeting up with strangers for a test drive, and handling all of the associated paperwork and money transaction all by yourself. Even if everything miraculously goes smoothly and without any issues, you’re STILL going to have to settle for less than you would be selling it to the Germain Buying Center.

Sell It to a Car Buying Service

You’ve probably seen these types of locations that offer to buy your car. However, if the offer seems too good to be true — it probably is! These organizations will offer you a potentially high value for your vehicle only to nickel and dime you for minor condition issues and other miscellaneous fees which can add up quickly. Their goal is to pay you as little as possible to take advantage of your need to sell in a timely manner. We encourage you to visit the Germain Buying Center instead in order to be treated with respect AND to receive a higher value for your vehicle.

Trade-In to Another Dealership

Trading-in your vehicle is certainly another way to offload your vehicle quickly. However, trading it in on a new car can make your situation even worse! Instead of having extra cash that you need for whatever reason, you’ll now find yourself with more payments on a more expensive vehicle. Don’t fall for bait-and-switch trade-in offers! Visit us at the Germain Buying Center for the most competitive prices for your current vehicle.