Sell Your Car in Columbus

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Buying Center

Our Columbus, OH Buying Center is conveniently located inside of our Toyota dealership on Scarborough Boulevard.

Through our partnership with Kelley Blue Book, the most trusted name in used car values, we’re able to provide you with a real-time offer based on the value of your current vehicle in today’s marketplace.

Our team of used car appraisal experts are standing by to make the process as seamless and straightforward as possible here at the Germain Buying Center. 


Monday - Thursday:
9AM - 6PM

9AM - 5PM

9AM - 4PM
5711 Scarborough Boulevard
Columbus, OH 43232

How it Works

Germain Buying Center Appraisal

Step 1: Complete the Appraisal

Start by entering your vehicle information in the toolbar. Be sure to provide this information as accurately as possible in order to get the best price on your vehicle.

Germain Buying Center Review

Step 2: Receive Your Personalized Offer

Once you’ve entered your information, you’ll receive a vehicle value backed by the experts at Kelley Blue Book. This offer is based on the latest sales data and market information.

Germain Buying Center Appointment

Step 3: Bring Your Vehicle in for Review and Payment

Bring your vehicle in and we’ll cut you a check for the amount of your offer following a final evaluation of your vehicle. It’s that simple!