It’s an unprecedented time to sell your vehicle.

Unprecedented time to sell your vehicle

As you may already know, the automotive marketplace is experiencing a shortage in microchips causing delays in vehicle production for all brands. What this means for you is right now, due to the shortage in production, the average value of a used vehicle is significantly higher than usual. Some vehicles are valued up to 20% higher making the prices of used cars some of the highest prices of ALL TIME. If you were ever considering selling your vehicle and moving into a newer or different vehicle, the time is now! Germain Buying Center works to make the process as seamless and as easy for you as we can and here is how:

Germain Buying Center

Best Option - Sell It to the Germain Buying Center

  1. It’s transparent. We work with accredited appraisal tools like Trade Pending for a transparent experience that keeps you empowered in your choice—you look at the exact same data we do to determine what your car is worth. Once we determine the condition of your vehicle, inspect it, and analyze live market data, we’ll extend an offer.
  2. It’s convenient. It only takes 2 steps and 10 seconds to begin the trade-in process with us. Step 1: Give us your car’s year, make, and model info. Step 2: Enter in your contact information. We’ll send you a free, real-time Market Report that you can study yourself before you sell your vehicle to us. From there, we’ll cut you a check that you’ll be free to spend how you wish—no trade-in required!
  3. It’s fast. Much faster than you needing to take photos of your vehicle, list it online, negotiate over a price, taking potential buyers for a test drive, etc. All you need to do is drive in and bring along any required documentation, and within the hour you could walk away with money headed for your bank account.
  4. It’s safe. Especially in a time when your safety and health is paramount. We keep our facilities clean and maintain standards around contact with each individual who comes in. You can’t always guarantee that with strangers off the street.
  5. It’s smart. It’s important to be the one in the driver’s seat in any negotiation, and at Germain Buying Center, we encourage it! If you have a vehicle ready to trade in as you negotiate the price of a new vehicle with us, you’re already a step ahead.

If you're thinking about selling your car, truck, or SUV, there has never been a better time.

We anticipate as the microchip production catches up with demand, the price and value of used inventory will level back to what we are more used to. Until then, we hope we’ve helped you better understand how the microchip shortage is impacting the value of your vehicle during this time and we hope you consider selling your vehicle during this unprecedented time.